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The exclusive listing explores both extremes of the design spectrum. Minimalist v Maximalist, So extra Vs Co Chic Suite
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For the first time, has designed a hotel suite that's literally split down the middle—design wise, that is. The two sides of the room fall squarely on opposite ends of the decor spectrum: One side of the suite is designed to be fully maximalist, with bright, in-your-face patterns and memorable accent pieces while the other, a minimalist's dream, has muted tones and understated accents throughout. Not sure where your taste lies? Well, you can experience both when you book the 'So Extra So Chic' hotel room on

To create this one-of-a-kind room, Johnny Wujek, the stylist behind superstars Katy Perry and Mariah Carey’s iconic looks, and Kaitlyn Ham, the Australian minimalist fashionista, were each given half of a suite to design at The Curtain in London, England. The two styles meet in the center of the room for a wildly unusual hotel suite. Minimalist v Maximalist, So extra Vs Co Chic Suite
The maximalist side, designed by Johnny Wujek.
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“At, we’re all about trying new things, so with the So Extra So Chic suite, style-loving travelers out there can experience both ends of the minimal, maximal spectrum," says Katie Junod, general manager of the brand in North America. "Now all that’s left is picking which side of the bed you’re on!”

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Of course, Johnny Wujek would suggest you choose his maximalist side—he was inspired by his work for Katy Perry's "Roar" music video, and revealed that his interior design process for the suite was a lot like how he approaches costume design.

"It's sort of a similar process," he explains. "I started by building mood boards of all the things that inspired me. Wallpapers, lamps, furniture pieces and color stories. I wanted a cozy California vibe. Tropical, colorful, with a dash of humor."

As for Kaitlyn's more muted side, she took inspiration from her own personal fashion style to create her minimalist side of paradise that includes a white leather lounge chair, line-drawing art, and a plush wool throw. Minimalist v Maximalist, So extra Vs Co Chic Suite
The minimalist side, by Kaitlyn Ham.
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"My personal aesthetic has always been a holistic one," she says. "I focused on my favored neutral palettes coupled with quality hero pieces for the suite, keeping to classic design that’s based on practicality and comfort—just as I do in my wardrobe."

If you're still unsure about what side of the bed you'd choose to sleep on, we've got an answer for you—why not try both?

"I think people will be really wowed by the stark contrast of the So Extra So Chic suite and how effectively it has been executed," Kaitlyn says. "But also how well it still flows and functions perfectly as a typical hotel suite."

The ‘So Extra So Chic’ suite is available to book from until the end of September exclusively on

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